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2 Reasons to Get a Same-day Crown

A same-day crown is a great procedure that allows you to get a permanent crown applied to one of your teeth in a single appointment. This is possible because more and more dentists are choosing to buy the equipment to fabricate the crowns in their own offices, rather than ordering them from a dental lab. These crowns are a great choice if you are concerned about time and pain.


A crown procedure is typically not going to be painful in and of itself, but there are some factors that can lead to discomfort and pain. One big reason why you may feel pain after getting a traditional crown is that hot or cold liquids are reaching the exposed nerves of your teeth. This happens when a temporary crown has worked itself loose and allowed gaps to form between it and your tooth.

Another source of pain is that a temporary crown that has worked itself loose can actually rub all along your gums. Not only is the rubbing sensation uncomfortable, but it can get to the point where it causes bleeding. This can lead to a potential source of infection, which can result in even more pain.

However, since your permanent crown will be available by the end of your same-day crown appointment, you will never have to experience the inconvenience and discomfort that a temporary crown can cause. Typically, a temporary crown is only required if your dentist needs to order your permanent crown from a lab and it will take several days for it to arrive.


A crown procedure can be difficult for people with busy schedules, mostly because most crown procedures will require at least two appointments before the process is complete. While your first appointment will focus on preparing the tooth for a crown and dealing with the decay of your tooth, the second will simply be to apply the crown. In general, you will have to wait anywhere from several days to several weeks between those two appointments.

This process can be quite difficult for someone who is the sole caretaker of their kids, or someone with a job that frowns on taking time off from work, to accomplish. A same-day crown is so much easier for those individuals because you will only need to make time for a single appointment.

Speak to a dentist today if you are in need of a crown. A same-day crown is ideally suited for individuals with busy schedules, or those people who are trying to minimize the discomfort they experience from dental procedures. For more information, contact Stephen P. Cary, DMD