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What Are The Different Types Of Invisible Braces?

Many adults who have dealt with crooked teeth all their lives have now chosen to have them corrected with braces. However, invisible or clear braces are often preferred for those adults who do not wish to make it obvious that they have braces when they smile. There are different types of invisible braces and the severity of your dental condition determine which style will work best. These are the types of invisible braces that are commonly used for adults.

Ceramic Braces 

Ceramic braces are clear and not as visible as traditional metal braces. The brackets are larger and cover a large portion of the teeth. These braces are connected to an arch wire with ligatures, small rubber bands or built in spring clips.

Ceramic braces work very well at straightening the teeth, but often take longer to do so than metal braces. Some dental patients prefer to have ceramic braces used on only their visible teeth. They can be used in conjunction with metal braces that are placed on the back or side teeth that do not show as much when the patient smiles.

Inside Braces 

Inside braces are usually made of metal, but are attached to the underside and back of the teeth. This makes them very difficult to see when the patient is smiling normally. The brackets for braces are designed by making computerized scans of the inside of the teeth. This allows the orthodontist to customize the brackets for each patient.

Elastic bands are used to connect the brackets and straighten the teeth more quickly. This procedure is commonly performed on the upper teeth, but is sometimes used for the lower teeth as well. 

Clear Teeth Aligners 

 Clear teeth aligners are another option for teeth straightening for adults. Unlike braces, aligners are removable. They are made of a clear, durable plastic that is custom-made for each patient. Teeth aligners are more suitable for those who require only minor teeth straightening. 

Clear teeth aligners are almost invisible, comfortable to wear and can be removed easily. Aligners can be taken out to make eating, drinking, brushing and flossing much easier.

Invisible braces allow adults the ability to have beautifully straight teeth and an attractive smile without feeling self-conscious. These types of teeth straightening appliances are ideal for those who have a career that requires them to interact with the public frequently. They can smile, talk and laugh without worrying that their braces will be revealed to those around them. Contact a company like Fayetteville Family Dentistry for more information.