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Properly Using Your Teeth Whitening Gel Tray

Out of all the methods you can use to whiten your teeth, the most effective strategy is to use a tray to bleach your teeth. The tray holds the beach against your teeth so they can be bleached as effectively as possible while also preventing the bleach from coming in contact with other parts of your mouth. If you haven't had your teeth whitened professionally yet, you should ask your dentist to perform a teeth whitening treatment. Dentists are able to help you change the shade of your teeth in a way that makes them the most appealing. But after you have had your teeth professionally whitened, you should ask your dentist if he or she will also provide you with a whitening tray you can use at home.   

Get a Tray from Your Dentist

The best tray will be one that is provided to you by your dentist. The trays are thin and made of plastic or silicone. By being custom-made to fit over your teeth, they can hold the whitening gel carefully over your teeth, the gel will be less likely to come in contact with other parts of your mouth.

Brush and Floss Your Teeth

Always brush and floss your teeth before using the whitening gel. Only add enough gel to where it will cover your teeth when the tray is placed in your mouth. Since people will only be able to see the front of your teeth, focus on only placing the whitening gel on the front.

Place the Tray in Your Mouth

Try to remove excess saliva from your teeth so the saliva does not interfere with the whitening process. Place the tray in your mouth.

Brush Away Excess Gel

Fortunately, the gel sticks to the tray, so you won't have to worry about the gel slipping. Still, some might squeeze out of the edges of the tray after you have placed it in your mouth. Use your toothbrush to wipe away any excess gel.  

You will be asked to keep the tray in for a specific period of time. Afterward, remove the tray and brush off any excess gel.  

Keep the Tray in Your Mouth for as Long as Instructed

It is important not to whiten your teeth too much. The whiter your teeth become, the less they begin to look like natural teeth and the more that they begin to look chalky. If you aren't sure, ask your dentist (learn more here) for his or her opinion on how much more you should whiten your teeth.