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Affording Your Dental Implants

Missing teeth or severely damaged teeth can be crippling to a person's self-esteem.  If ignored, they can also continue to cause more damage to the mouth and remaining teeth and gums.  One of the best ways to repair these teeth and prevent further damage is to get dental implants.  A dental implant is essentially a screw implanted in the gum, with a new (faux) tooth attached.  This procedure tends to prevent further damage to the bone and gum.

Unfortunately, repairing missing or damaged teeth is a very expensive endeavor.  It is also viewed as a cosmetic procedure by many dental insurance companies, so dental implants are not typically covered by general dental insurance.  There are some alternative ways to get the procedure done if you don't have all the money to shell out for implants at one time. 

Dental Colleges

Contact a dental college to see if they are able to do the procedure.  They usually have income requirements and steer towards helping those who are considered low income.  There can also be long waiting lists.  However, if they are able to help, you will save thousands of dollars and have the ability to smile again.

Financing Options

Shop around before deciding on who will do the procedure for you.  The rates may vary at different offices, and some may offer special discounts that can apply to you.  You may qualify for finance plans that allow you the opportunity to make monthly payments with a low interest rate. 

Dental Associations and Non-Profit Organizations

State dental associations can point you in the direction of resources that will help you.  Some charitable organizations may also offer low priced plans for people with certain characteristics, such as victims of domestic violence or people with disabilities.  There are also grants you can apply for to qualify for dental help.

Asking for Help from Friends

There are many fundraising websites on the Internet that allow you (or someone on your behalf) to set up an account to receive donations for your cause.  These sites often take a percentage of the money earned and some require you to reach a certain amount before you can receive the money.  Some people are too proud to ask for help this way, and friends and family may be a little turned off by this type of site.  However, it may work in your favor and is a safe option to try to raise the extra money!

Be wary of traveling out of the country for your dental procedures.  You may hear about places outside of the United States that will perform the procedure for a great price.  The cost alone to travel may be as much as the procedure itself, and it is difficult to know the standards that other countries have for their dental work. Visit Mount Royal Dental if you're looking for a dental implants specialist.