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3 Potential Treatments For A Dental Bridge With Missing Cement

A bridge is a dental replacement option used to replace a single missing tooth lost due to decay or trauma. The bridge has an artificial crown that hangs into the empty spot created by the lost tooth. That crown is held into place by a crown on each side, which attach or cement to the healthy neighboring teeth for support. Dental bridges are fairly stable and long lasting, but, like any cosmetic dentistry procedure, they might need to be replaced over time.

Has your dental bridge recently become loose or fallen out due to a lack of cement? There are a few ways your cosmetic dentist can fix the problem.

Replacement Bridge

The most obvious solution is to replace your existing bridge with another bridge of the same type. Your dentist might choose this route if your bridge performed well overall but simply loosened with the passage of time.

Or your dentist can use this chance to provide a better type of bridge for your scenario. If one of your neighboring teeth has suffered damage over the years, for example, your dentist might not want to use that tooth as an anchor anymore. In this case, the dentist could use a cantilever bridge, which features the two anchoring crowns on the same side of the tooth replacement crown.

Dental Implant

Did you wish your dental bridge had felt more natural while chewing? When the bridge fails, you might want to ask the dentist about a dental implant. Implants have a metal root that is inserted into and fuses to the jawbone for added stability. The artificial crown is then hooked onto that root rather than hanging in the missing tooth's hole like a bridge.

Dental implants are more expensive than a bridge but can offer a far more natural sensation when chewing. Implants also tend to have a longer life than bridges with proper oral healthcare. And implants don't require you to have healthy natural teeth on either side of the missing tooth.

Removable Partial Dentures

Have you lost additional teeth since you originally received your bridge? If there are multiple teeth missing in one general area, your dentist might recommend removable partial dentures.

Bridges are considered fixed partial dentures but removable partial dentures have their own benefits. Artificial crowns are attached to a flexible plastic plate that sits down over the gums where the teeth are missing. Metal hooks on each end loop around natural teeth for support. The end result feels more natural than full dentures though less natural than dental implants. But the price of partial dentures is usually far lower than multiple dental implants.

Removable dentures can come out when you eat, if you prefer, and you can also rest easier by removing the plate at night. For more information, talk to a professional like Rose City Dental Care.