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2 Options To Replace A Lost Tooth

There are multiple options to replace a lost tooth. Here are two of them:

Dental Implants

Implants are often used to replace missing teeth. Each implant, when topped by an abutment and crown, replaces virtually every aspect of a natural tooth. The implant screw is surgically placed inside the jawbone. An abutment is added to the screw to ensure that a crown can be properly connected. Once the crown is added, the natural tooth is fully replaced.

A dental implant is often preferred for tooth replacement because it more closely matches a natural tooth than any other tooth-replacement option. In addition, because the dental implant is inserted into the jawbone, it continues to stimulate the bone to produce more bone cells so that the density of the jawbone is preserved. In addition, dental implants do not involve the debriding or damaging of adjacent teeth. 

A dental implant is designed to last a lifetime. Thus, it should typically not need to be replaced. 

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge can also replace a natural tooth. However, when the dental bridge is applied, the altering of the teeth that are adjacent to the gap left by the missing tooth is required.

A dental bridge is made of a base with the one or more false teeth suspended in the center. On each end of the dental bridge lies a dental crown. The crowns are placed over natural teeth or dental implants that border the gap to stabilize the bridge and make it a permanent fixture in the mouth of the patient.

In addition to traditional bridges, a cantilever bridge can also be used to replace a missing tooth. The cantilever bridge differs from the traditional bridge. Instead of two dental crowns to hold the appliance in place, one crown is used. The cantilever bridge consists of a false tooth and a single dental crown. It is often used when there are not two teeth available surrounding the gap.

A dental bridge is designed to last five to 15 years or more.

If you're interested in receiving a replacement for a lost tooth, schedule a consultation with a dentist in your area. He or she will be able to assess your dental needs and determine the best replacement option for you. In addition, he or she can discuss the price of the desired procedure and find budget-friendly options to make sure you can receive the treatment that you need.