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What to Expect During Dental-Implant Recovery

While the actual surgery portion of the dental-implant procedures can take some time, the recovery phase is the biggest portion of a dental-implant surgery. Here are some things that you can expect during this recovery time. 

Recovery Is in Stages

You may not realize that the healing process will actually begin while you're still in the midst of your surgery. The surgery is set up in phases so that the dentist can check on the healing process and make sure the procedure is working before the next phase begins. The initial part for your dental-implant surgery will be to put the implant post into your mouth and allow it to begin healing. It may be a few weeks later before the actual crown of your dental implant is placed, and there will be a second healing phase after that. 

Some Pain and Inflammation Is to Be Expected

It's important to note that a moderate amount of pain and irritation is normal in the dental-implant process. Your doctor may prescribe you some antibiotics ahead of time to ward off any serious infections at the site. Some mild painkillers are usually enough to get rid of the discomfort from the dental-implant healing process. 

You May Have to Adjust Your Dental Routines

While you wait for your dental implants to heal, you might need to adjust your dental habits to accommodate the implant. For instance, you have the option of using an inter-proximal brush to clean the areas around your implant rather than a traditional toothbrush. Water flossers can also help to accommodate a sensitive implant site. In addition, you can expect that it to feel a little unusual to chew on the side of your dental implant, so you'll need to be careful about eating in the first few weeks after your implant. 

A Check-Up Is Advised

In order to make sure that the healing process is successful, be sure to schedule a follow-up visit with a dentist to assess the site. Your dentist will want to know whether you have taken all of your antibiotics, and they will probe the site for signs of infection. They would also check the strength of the implant at this time to verify that your jawbone has accepted the dental implant. Overall, although the dental-implant recovery period can be long, it's often a small price to pay for a durable, permanent tooth replacement. 

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