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What Options Do I Have For Tooth Replacement?

Missing teeth can be both a cosmetic issue and a dental health liability. When you're looking for tooth replacement options, there are many procedures to consider for great results. Here are some of the common options that a cosmetic dentist may suggest. 

Traditional Dental Implants

Dental implants are often one of the most highly recommended tooth replacement options. An implant is a strong option because it creates a non-removable false tooth that sits at the level of your natural teeth. There is no additional appliance that gets in the way of having a natural look and feel. It's also a very resilient option because the dental implant is designed to integrate itself with your jaw over time. Of course, the procedure does come with some drawbacks, mainly that it's a time-consuming and costly option. But many patients like the idea that they come out with a permanent solution to tooth loss.

Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants have many of the benefits of dental implants, without such a long procedure. They allow a cosmetic dentist to create an implant for your mouth and install it with local anesthesia. Since the procedure is simpler, it's often more affordable and has fewer complications than surgical implants. There's also the benefit of needing less supporting material to hold them in place; with regular dental implants, some patients may need bone grafting done in order for the jaw to be strong enough to hold dental implants.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are an alternative to the dental implant options. The bridge uses sturdy materials to hold replacement teeth in place by anchoring them to the adjacent, natural teeth. They are a good option to consider as long as you have strong teeth and gums surrounding the damaged area. A dental bridge is less expensive than implants, and it can be put in place with fewer visits.


And finally, you might want to consider getting teeth replaced with dentures. A denture apparatus can replace just one or a few teeth, or the whole row. Dentures may be your most affordable option if you have several teeth that need to be taken care of. If you're only replacing certain teeth, the dentures can be designed to leave gaps that accommodate your natural teeth within the appliance. It's worth considering whether you'll have some tooth replacement needs in the near future; in that case, you might want to take care of them all in one fell swoop with dentures.

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