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When Is An Emergency Dentist Worth It?

If you find yourself in need of emergency dentistry, you might run into a few obstacles. For one, your regular dentist might not ofter same day appointments. You might find, also, that your insurance won't cover the additional expenses of same day dentistry. But in many cases, it's worth it to still opt for emergency treatment. Here are some times when same day dentistry is the best choice.

When a Tooth Is at Risk

The first time when emergency dentistry is a no-brainer is when waiting for a regular dentist appointment could potentially affect your dental health in the long term. There are a few situations where this is the case. For one, if you have a tooth that's loose, there's a greater chance of it being saved the earlier you get into the dentist. You'll want to tape some gauze around the entire area, to avoid jiggling the tooth on accident, and get yourself to a same day dentist, stat.

For tooth chips, the situation may be an emergency. If the tooth is so badly chipped that it could get snagged on something, then a cosmetic dentistry visit is imminently needed to put a veneer on the tooth or possibly extract it and replace it with a dental implant.

When There's a Lot of Pain or Blood

If there is uncontrollable blood or a lot of pain, getting to a dentist right away is important for your sanity. But a lot of pain or blood from a dental injury points to potential complications with your dental health, so it's best to get under the advisement of a healthcare professional right away.

When There's an Infection

An infection that causes your gums to swell or turn bright red, or one that causes a lot of pain, is a dental emergency. If the infection were to spread into your bloodstream, it could become a real health disaster.

When It's Affecting Your Lifestyle

Finally, dental issues can be emergencies if they are affecting your lifestyle. For example, if you have to put gauze around a tooth and it's making you reluctant to talk, eat, or smile, then getting into a same day dentist can be the wisest choice to make.

If your general dentist is not able to accommodate same day or same week appointments, they may at least be able to recommend qualified dentists in your area. This makes the transfer of information easier if your dentist needs to provide medical records to another care provider for temporary treatment.

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