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2 Tips For Keeping Dental Implants Bacteria Free As A Senior Citizen

Getting dental implants or any other kind of dental restoration at an older age can make the procedure even more exciting. It may be more difficult to get dental implants as a senior citizen because implant placement is dependent on bone and gum development. The older you get the more you will notice that your jaw is weaker and your gums begin to recede. These are signs of bone and gum loss. However, if your mouth is still healthy and you manage to get dental implants then they can last a number of years with good care. However, poor dental implant care can quickly result in bacteria development. An increased amount of bacteria development can quickly lead to a number of issues. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can use to ensure that your dental implants remain bacteria free.

Keep an Oral Rinse on You at All Times

Getting dental implants at an older age means that you may need to work harder to keep bacteria at bay. This can be made easier by keeping an oral rinse on you at all times. A good oral rinse will kill off any bacteria immediately after meals and in between meals. You can pick up a travel oral rinse from the store or you can make your own from home. Peppermint, cumin, and cinnamon are great antibacterial herbs that can be used to create your own rinse. You can extract the antibacterial benefits by making sure each herb is allowed to steep in hot water for several hours. Once the time has passed, you can either strain the herb or keep it there.

Invest in a Water Flosser

Once your dental implants are installed, then a water flosser should become one of your most used dental appliances. A water flosser can get around the entire gum line and in between the cracks that are difficult to see through. The best part of a water flosser is that you can fill it with your favorite mouthwash and use that to clean around your gum line. The water flosser should be used at least in the morning and at night. But it works best if it is used to clean immediately after your meals.

As long as you keep your dental implants bacteria free. The rest of the dental implants process is extremely smooth. Use these tips to help you do exactly that. Talk to a dentist, like John C. Matunas D.D.S., PA, for more help.