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Tips To Help A Child Overcome Dental Fear

Many people have a legitimate fear of going to the dentist. Unfortunately, it can be caused by negative experiences with the dentist at a young age that sticks with you for the rest of your life. Overcoming dental fear is crucial to ensure that your child's teeth stay healthy, even after they become an adult and are responsible for their own appointments. Here are some tips to help a young child with fear they may have:

Get Preventative Care

As a parent, you may think that you don't need to take your child to the dentist unless there is a problem. The belief is that their baby teeth will eventually fall out, so cleanings and inspections are not important. Not only is this incorrect and not healthy for your child's oral health, but it can create a view of the dentist that causes fear.

If a child's only memory of the dentist is a place they go when they are in pain, they will associate the dentist with a place they do not like to go. That is why it is so important that you take your child in for preventative care visits. Not only will they get the cleaning and inspection to prevent future problems, but the visit can be quite pleasant and pain free, which sets up realistic expectations for future visits.

Find A Children's Dentist

You may be tempted to take your child to the same dentist that you go to. The dentist may be great when working on your teeth, but they may not be so great when working with children.

A children's dental care specialist has much more experience when it comes to working with kids. This includes how the room is set up to appeal to a child, how to distract them, and even practice with the language and tone of voice that is needed to make them feel comfortable. All of these things can help create a positive experience with their dentist.

Give An Incentive

Sometimes a reward is the best way to motivate a child. If they have a fear of going to the dentist, see if you can get them to cooperate by offering them an incentive. For example, you may decide to take them to the toy store after their dental check up to get a brand new toy. The incentive can be whatever works for your child.

Visit a children's dentist for more tips on getting your child over their dental fear.