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Haven't Been To The Dentist In A While? 4 Signs That You Could Have Tooth Decay And Not Know It

If you haven't been to the dentist in a while, you could have cavities that tooth decay that you don't even know about. You may be thinking that you're safe since you brush and floss your teeth each day, but that's no guarantee that you don't have dental problems. You might also think that you're safe since you're not experiencing any toothache pain. However, cavities and tooth decay don't always cause toothaches. In fact, you could have tooth decay in your mouth right now, and not even know it. Here are four signs of tooth decay that you might not have known about. If you're experiencing any of them, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible:

Bad Breath

If you used to have fresh breath all the time, but now you're suffering from constant bad breath, chances are pretty good that you have some decay in your mouth. Tooth decay can start below the gum line, where it's hidden from view. As your tooth rots, an infection can develop, which can lead to foul odors. Brush your teeth and then rub your finger along your back gums. If your finger smells foul, you've probably got some decay that needs to be taken care of.

Dark Spots on Your Teeth

If you've been looking for open holes in your teeth, you should know that tooth decay doesn't begin with holes. Your tooth needs to decay from the inside for a while before the visible cavities occur. To see if you have active decay, you'll want to check your teeth for dark spots. If you've got dark brown, black, or gray spots on your teeth, you should have your dentist check for active decay.

Sudden Tooth Sensitivity

If you're suddenly unable to eat ice cream or drink hot beverages without experiencing tooth sensitivity, there's a good chance that you've got the beginnings of tooth decay somewhere in your mouth. One of the first signs of tooth decay is often a sudden onset of tooth sensitivity. Switch to a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. If you still experience the same symptoms, it's time to have your dentist take a look at your teeth.

Frequent Abscesses

If you're suffering from dental abscesses, your gums could be trying to warn you about tooth decay. As the decay eats away at your tooth, the infection can get worse. Over time, you'll begin to notice more frequent, and larger, dental abscesses. If you've got an abscessed tooth, don't wait. You need to see your dentist immediately.

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