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Cosmetic Dentistry Is Not Always Just About Looks

If you have crooked, misaligned, or chipped teeth, you may be working with a cosmetic dentist to try to improve your smile. Sometimes, dental insurance will not pay for procedures that are strictly to make you look better. However, in many situations, there is a medical reason to have the work done. Here are a few reasons cosmetic dentistry is not always just about looks.


Missing or chipped teeth, and a misaligned jaw can affect your speech. This can be especially true for young children who are just learning to speak properly. As an adult, if you have a career that depends on your ability to communicate effectively and correctly with others, you have a valid reason to have the work done.


Having crooked, missing, chipped, or damaged teeth may cause you to be embarrassed to open your mouth in front of people. This can affect your ability to work. Also, potential employers may be put off by the way your teeth look and feel you are not a good candidate for the job.


If your teeth do not meet properly because of a misaligned jaw, you cannot chew your food adequately. This can lead to digestive issues. If left unattended, it could lead to other health issues as well. You need to be able to eat and digest your food to receive all the nutritional value from it. You may also have trouble if your teeth are missing or chipped, so you cannot, or it hurts to chew.

Prevent Further Dental Problems

Crowded teeth make it difficult to properly clean between them. This can cause bacteria to grow on food particles that are trapped. Now you will have more cavities and decay in your mouth. This may eventually cause infection to travel through your blood to other organs. You may need to wear braces to move the teeth to prevent this problem.

If you have missing teeth, the jawbone in those spaces will not be stimulated by teeth as you chew. This will result in a deterioration of the bone that will cause adjacent teeth to become loose and fall out. A cosmetic dentist will create a bridge or partial dental plate, so there are no missing teeth. This will help with the bone strength and save your other teeth.

Talk with your primary dentist about reasons you need to have a cosmetic dentistry procedure. Whether it is to get or keep a job, or to maintain your overall health, having a good reason to have the work done is the best way to ensure your insurance will help pay for it. Contact a dental office like Crest Hill Family Dental for more information and assistance.