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Four Restorative Dental Procedures To Fix Your Smile

If you have damaged teeth, your dentist may recommend a restorative dental procedure to improve the appearance and function of your teeth. This could be due to decay damage that has been ignored for many years, teeth that have chips in them from trauma, or discoloration from an illness. Here are four ways a dentist can fix your teeth.


One common restorative dental procedure is whitening. It's popular because the procedure is not invasive, is easy to have done, and provides great results. Whitening can also be an affordable way to fix discolored teeth, with alternative procedures like veneers being quite expensive to have performed.

It is best to have a dentist perform a bleaching procedure at their office, since a dentist can safely use a stronger bleach. This helps provide results that are faster and appear better than any over-the-counter whitening product out there.


Missing teeth do not need to be replaced with an implant or partial denture. A dental bridge is a wonderful way to fill a gap between two teeth with a fake tooth. Similar to bleaching, bridges are popular because they are not invasive, unlike dental implants that require surgically implanting a post into your jawbone.

The tooth fills in the gap with a dental bridge that can be quite strong, allowing you to eat your favorite foods once again without an issue.


If you have a tooth that is damaged but still intact, a dental crown may be the best restorative dental procedure to use. This works well for teeth that have large chips in them but are not becoming loose from your gums.

The procedure works by creating a cap that looks like a natural tooth and inserting it over the damaged tooth. A crown does require removing part of the damaged tooth so that it retains the same size and shape once the crown is attached to it. Dental cement is used to hold the crown in place, and it becomes a permanent fixture of your mouth. Many people are not able to recognize a crown when it's correctly installed, because it blends in that seamlessly.


If you have many missing teeth, implants may be the best option for you. Be aware that you do not need to get an implant for each individual tooth that is lost. In fact, an entire row of teeth can be fixed with as little as 4 strategically placed posts to hold the fake teeth in place.

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