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Should You Get Porcelain Veneers?

Caring for your teeth is one of the best ways you can look and feel great about yourself. Your teeth are a huge part of your health and overall vitality and you want your smile to reflect how you feel. When your teeth are uneven, too small for your face, or have damage to them, you get porcelain veneers in many cases to make your smile more appealing.

Should you get this type of cosmetic work done? The procedure is great for many people in building confidence and creating a healthier, stronger smile and may be the dental work that is right for you. Talk to your dentist about all your options and see if this is the best treatment for your mouth.

You have many affected teeth

Veneers are like permanent dentures that are designed to restore your smile and keep your teeth healthy. Whether you have this porcelain placed over your existing teeth or you have veneers put in place of teeth that are missing, this procedure is often most beneficial if you are treating many teeth at once.

You have money set aside

Since veneers are often considered cosmetic in their application, the procedure may not be covered by dental insurance. You can confirm this with both your dentist and your insurance company. You'll end up paying out of pocket for most, if not all, of your treatment, so make sure you have money set aside.

Your dentist may allow you to make payments towards your dental work so long as you don't have a balance due already, have been reliable with your payments in the past, and you have a decent down payment to make on your treatments. Your payment plan should be discussed prior to getting extensive dental work done.

You have no other options

In some cases, porcelain veneer treatment is the only option you have to restore your dental health. If pulling teeth, getting crowns, having braces, or other traditional measures to make your smile healthier are not applicable to you, then you should talk to your dentist about this treatment. You want to make sure your smile lasts, so you should do whatever procedure works best for your situation.

Your dentist will show you how porcelain veneers work, what they cost, and how to take care of them. You'll get an idea of what your results will look like before you get your dental work done.