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Are You Ready For Dentures?

As we age, you may begin to notice some issues with your entire body, but especially with your teeth and gums. You'll notice bone loss in your jaw, receding gums, tooth and gum issues - such as cavities, rotting teeth, and gum infections. You may be considering dentures, but if you aren't sure if you're ready, read on for helpful information to guide you.

Do You Have Bone Loss?

If you have troubles with your teeth and gums, but your jaw bone isn't able to handle dental implants, dentures may be the best answer for you. Dentures aren't a permanent fixture in your mouth. They can be removed and sit on your gums. If you have bone loss, dentures wouldn't be a problem as they aren't fixed to your bones. They are made to fit directly on your gums, with a few teeth to be used as anchors for your dentures.

Do You Need A Lot Of Teeth Pulled?

If you have bad teeth and are in need of some teeth to be pulled, but dental implants aren't something you are interested in, you can opt for dentures instead. If you have only had a few teeth pulled, and your bone is still in good shape, you may be better suited to have dental implants instead. Discuss this option with your periodontist and to see whether or not dentures or implants would be better for you. 

How Well Do You Take Care Of Your Oral Health?

Dentures will need to be cared for much like your natural teeth. They need to be brushed, soaked at night and kept in a container to prevent them from getting damaged. If you aren't responsible to take care of dentures, you may not be ready for them just yet. Dentures are expensive and if not cared for properly, they may need to be replaced before their lifetime, which can be costly to you. Some insurance companies may not cover the cost of another set of dentures, so you may end up paying for the second pair out of pocket. You'll also still need to care for your gums even with dentures.

If you are considering dentures, weigh your options and whether or not you may be able to wait a little longer to get dentures. If you have poor oral health and a lot of tooth issues, bone loss or pulled teeth, dentures may be your best option. Talk to your periodontist today about getting dentures.