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Tips For Patients Who Have Just Received Their Medical Marijuana Cards

Receiving your medical marijuana prescription card can be life-changing. You're probably elated to finally have access to treatment that will help ease your symptoms and make you more comfortable. However, as a new prescription card holder, you can probably benefit from the tips below.

Visit a couple of dispensaries.

Once you have your medical marijuana card, you can legally visit any dispensary in your state. You do not have to be tied to a certain dispensary. You can visit a new or different one whenever you like. That being said, there are benefits to finding a dispensary you like and visiting that same dispensary time and time again. You'll build a relationship with the owners and employees, and they'll be better able to make recommendations for you as a result. To find a go-to dispensary, you will want to visit a few different dispensaries early on. Find a place where you feel comfortable, that you can drive to easily, and that has products within your desired price range.

Try different strains.

As a new medical marijuana user, you will also want to do a little experimenting to find the strain or strains that work best for you. There are countless strains out there, but a good way to get started is to try one strain that is indica-dominant, another that is sativa-dominant, and one that's an equal hybrid. Once you decide which works best, you can then explore other strains in the same category.

Talk to the budtender.

The first few times you visit dispensaries, try to go in the middle of the day and when you have a little extra time. Dispensaries tend to be less busy mid-day, so the budtenders will have more time to chat with you. Tell the budtender you're a new prescription holder and share as much as you're comfortable sharing about your medical condition. The budtender can recommend various products, give you use tips, and so much more.

Go easy on your dose.

Some new prescription holders can't wait to try THC treatment right off the bat and may not yet know what dose will work best for their symptoms. But taking too much THC can have negative side effects and may undermine the treatment's effectiveness. Start off with low-dose products, and build your way up from there, if necessary.

The tips above should come in handy when you're a new medical marijuana card holder. For more specific advice about a medical marijuana prescription, talk to a local budtender or physician.