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Flattering Colors for Your Braces Can Make All the Difference

There is one great thing about choosing traditional braces: getting to choose the colors of the bands on your braces. Whether you have a teenager who is nervous about getting braces or you are an adult going the traditional route, you might want to know how to choose the most flattering colors for the bands.

These are some color tips to keep in mind during your orthodontic appointment.

Dark Gem Colors Can Make Your Teeth Look White

Dark gem colors, like dark blue and ruby red, can look striking against white teeth. They enhance the natural whiteness of your teeth, making them look brighter. If you want to maintain the appearance of a pearly white smile under your braces, these dark colors are great options for most people.

Green and Brown Can Look Like Food

While many people like these colors, green and brown resemble different types of food. People might at first think that your bands look like food, so they might do a double-take. Other colors may be less distracting if this will be a concern for you.

White or Yellow Can Make Your Teeth Look Yellow

Some colors are too bright and might actually make your white teeth look more yellow. The white of the bands can actually do this because they are so stark white that everything else looks darker in comparison. The same can be said for light yellow bands.

Clear Bands Are a Safe Option

If you really are undecided on a color option, clear bands are a safe choice. They will not detract from the white of your teeth, and they can make for a clean and professional appearance if you have to work in an office. Clear is less distracting, so many adults prefer this option.

Festive Colors Can Be Fun

If you want to choose some sort of color but aren't sure, it's always fair to go festive. For example, you might choose red and blue for July Fourth or orange and black for Halloween. You have the option to change your colors every few weeks, so you have many opportunities to have fun with it.

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