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4 Preventative Dental Care Services To Consider

Oral health is incredibly important, and just like your overall health, preventative care is paramount. With preventative care, you can avoid major issues and procedures like root canal therapy. If you would like to know more about dental preventative care, check out these four preventative dental care services to consider.

1. Regular Cleanings

During a dental cleaning, the dentist uses special tools to remove any plaque and tartar. They will also clean between teeth since that is an area people often miss, especially if they neglect flossing. These cleanings are incredibly important for getting rid of tartar because tartar can't be brushed away with a toothbrush.

Your dentist or dental hygienist, however, can scrape away the tartar without damaging the enamel. This is incredibly important to prevent tooth decay and gum disease as tartar can irritate gums. If you haven't been in for a cleaning in a long time, or you have large pockets from irritated gums, your dentist may recommend a deep cleaning, which involves cleaning below the gumline.

2. Regular Exams and X-Rays

Along with regular cleanings, you need regular exams, which includes occasional X-rays. An exam is often done after your teeth have been cleaned so the dentist can clearly see the mouth without debris in the way. During the exam, the dentist checks for signs of decay, weakened enameled, irritated gums, and many other issues, including oral cancer.

X-rays are needed to help see below the gumline. With X-rays, the dentist can look at unerupted teeth, or impacted teeth. They can also get a look at tooth roots to look for signs of infection.

3. Fluoride

Fluoride is a great natural cavity-fighter. In fact, it's so helpful that many cities add it to their drinking water. However, you can also get fluoride treatments at the dentist. These are often associated with kids, but fluoride treatments can help kids and adults alike.

For kids, fluoride can help build strong healthy enamel. For both kids and adults, it can re-mineralize and restrengthen weakened enamel. The stronger your enamel, the better it can withstand decay.

4. Sealants

Again, sealants are often associated with children, but anyone can get them. Sealants are like a thin invisible shell that coats your back teeth. This helps prevent food and debris from getting trapped in the little groves.

Sealants eventually wear off, so they don't need to be removed. Once they wear off, you can have more applied.

Preventative dental care is crucial for keeping your mouth healthy. It can prevent a lot of expensive issues down the road. If you would like to know more, contact a dentist in your area today.