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Address Skin Issues And Dental Issues That Are Linked

Gum and tooth decay will lead to bacteria within the mouth. The bacteria may enter the bloodstream, ultimately causing inflammation and other skin conditions. Your dermatologist may refer you to a dentist if a skin condition is persistent and is difficult to control with topical products alone. 

Poor Oral Health

Poor oral habits include failing to brush and floss regularly, not seeking dental cleanings and examinations, and avoiding dental procedures that a dental provider has recommended. An untreated cavity or damage to a tooth could result in an infection. A pus-filled sack that forms in the mouth is referred to as an abscess. A tooth abscess can become serious if an individual fails to have it treated. The pus may enter the bloodstream, threatening a person's health and possibly causing skin issues.

A dentist should be consulted concerning any oral problems that an individual has encountered. An antibiotic may be administered, which will clear up an oral infection. Any teeth that have cavities in them should be filled promptly.  Once a person's oral health has been addressed, they may take note that their skin begins to clear up on its own. For a serious skin problem, an individual may need to rely upon a dentist's services and a dermatologist's services. 


If an individual is experiencing dental pain or is embarrassed about the way that their teeth look, they may undergo a great deal of stress. Stress can cause acne flare-ups and other skin problems. A dermatologist may inquire about any issues that a patient has been experiencing with their mouth. Based on the details that a patient provides, a dermatologist may link the skin problem to a dental one.

To treat the problem sufficiently, an individual should follow their dermatologist's treatment regimen and seek dental care services too. A dermatologist may use a series of topical products to clear up acne and other skin imperfections. A patient should begin seeking care for any dental problems that they have been experiencing. Once the individual's skin and teeth have been cared for properly, the person's stress levels may subside.

A dermatologist can provide aftercare directions, which include following a healthy skin care routine that will prevent skin issues in the future. Wearing hypoallergenic makeup products, wearing sunscreen, and following a daily cleansing schedule can preserve the condition of facial skin. Dental services should also be sought, to prevent further tooth decay.

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