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3 Reasons You Should Have A Family Dentist

Family dentists provide regular teeth cleaning services to help detect potential oral anomalies, such as tooth decay and gingivitis. These conditions can develop into severe problems if you don't seek early medical intervention. The dentists also offer fluoride treatments and dental sealants for tooth decay prevention.

The professionals can help fill cavities if tooth decay turns into cavities. The dentists will also offer maintenance treatment for periodontal diseases, such as scaling and root planing. You may be worried about your family's dental health and don't know what to do. Here are reasons you should consider having a family dentist. 

Knows Your History

Your family dentist will know your medical history, which helps detect patterns in your dental health. The professional can recommend alternative teeth treatment if you have a recurring problem despite maintaining proper dental hygiene. For example, if you struggle with tooth decay, the root cause could be having a dry mouth due to dehydration. In that case, the dentist may recommend you drink more water to increase the saliva in your mouth.

The dehydration could also be due to snoring, which causes excessive air passage, drying out your mouth. To curb the snoring, your dentist might suggest you wear a nasal strip, use an anti-snoring mouthpiece, sleep on your side, try mouth exercises, stop smoking, avoid drinking alcohol before going to bed, and reduce your weight.

Personal Relationship

A family dentist will help you build a close and personal relationship with them. Hence, you will be more comfortable talking about your problems and fears. For instance, if you have a genetic dental disease and worry you may have passed it to your child, you can open up to your dentist about it. Also, if you are pregnant, you can talk to your dentist about preventive measures to avoid exposing your child to dental caries at an early age.

If you have children, they may develop a phobia of dentists and medical facilities. A family dentist will help your child feel safe and comfortable since they understand children's psychology and behavioral patterns. Moreover, children require more dental visits as their teeth are actively growing. The infants are also prone to accidents like fractured teeth when playing. Therefore, you need a dentist you can trust if your child has an emergency or needs an urgent check-up.


A family dentist will make your life convenient. The family dentist will attend to all your family members, including the adults. Moreover, if you need quick advice, for example, regarding which toothpaste to use, you can ask your dentist over the phone instead of scheduling a visit.

Contact a local family dentist to learn more.