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Signs Your Child Needs To Go To The Pediatric Dental Clinic

As soon as your child starts to cut teeth, they need to go to their pediatric dental clinic and have their teeth cleaned and examined by a dental health practitioner. It's never too early to have your child start seeing the dentist for their oral health. Good oral health practices started early will help shape your child's oral health for life.

Here are signs your child needs to go to the pediatric dental clinic. These needs are in addition to regular checkups and cleanings.

Your child has sudden or extreme bad breath

If your child has suddenly bad breath or they have extremely bad breath, then take them to the pediatric dental clinic for care. They may have tonsil stones, which can lead to infection and cause bad breath and can be removed and treated by a dentist. Or, your child may have a bad tooth or food stuck in their teeth, causing poor breath. A mouth or sinus infection can also make your child have suddenly bad breath.

Your child is complaining of strange mouth pain

Most mouth pain issues should be treated by a dentist and not a doctor in the first place, so whether your child is complaining of a sore tongue or they have problems with their gums, they should see the dentist. An exception to this rule is if your child has trouble breathing or swallowing, in which case they should go to the ER.

Thrush is another common issue that can occur in younger children and cause mouth pain. If your child has unexplained lines of milky white areas along the gum line inside their mouth or if their tongue is especially white and fuzzy along with pain, then your child may have thrush. This can be treated at your pediatric dental clinic with antibiotics.

Your child has sore or bleeding gums

A new emerging tooth or a tooth that is having an issue erupting can cause the gums to become sore and swollen and so can gum disease and other issues. Healthy gums are vital to your child's oral health and development, so take them to the pediatric dental clinic if they have any gum issues beyond a tooth that is coming up.

Regular trips to the dentist will help your child thrive and feel better with their oral health. Proper care of their teeth at the pediatric dentist clinic will help you keep your child's teeth in their best condition for longer.

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