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Signs You Need Emergency Dental Work Done

Do you have a dental emergency? Often, you can go to the ER if you have a bleeding mouth or a facial injury that is causing you lots of pain, but emergency dental care is just as important and you should have access to it if you need it. A dental emergency means you need to go to the dentist as soon as possible, and it may mean you can skip the line as far as an appointment.

Also, an emergency dental specialist doesn't always require that you have a super painful or very serious dental condition, but if there is a dental urgency to your oral care needs, this can be considered a dental emergency as well. In other words, you may think a chipped tooth isn't a job for emergency dentists, but you'd be wrong: a dental emergency includes chipped teeth because the sooner you get them addressed, the sooner you can find relief and save the tooth.

Here are other signs you need emergency dental work done. Not all dentists have emergency hours, but many of them do, so call your local or preferred dentist first for care.

You have a serious abscessed tooth

An abscessed tooth can affect your entire body and will certainly affect your oral health. An abscessed tooth will cause your mouth to become painful and sore and will not only affect the original tooth, but surrounding teeth. You can even get a gum, sinus, or ear infection from an abscessed tooth because your oral health and sinuses are so closely connected. So, if you have an abscess in your tooth, whether it is causing you considerable pain or not, see your emergency dentist for care.

You have a tooth knocked out or very loose

A knocked-out tooth is an obvious dental emergency, but so is a very loose tooth. Did you know that a tooth can correct itself and get tightened up in the jawbone again? It can, but it's wise to see the dentist anyway to make sure the tooth has not been knocked so loose or had other damage. Your emergency dental services will likely include a few X-rays to see what is going on and how severe the problem is before help is administered.

If you think you need any kind of emergency dental care, call your dentist right away. You may have a much more serious oral health situation on your hands than you think.