3 Tips For Scheduling Your Child's Dental Appointments

When it comes to scheduling your child's dental appointments, it can sometimes be tricky to choose the best time. This can also differ somewhat depending on what kind of appointment it is. However, there are still some tips that you should taken into consideration whenever you are scheduling an appointment for one or more of your children. This article will discuss 3 tips for scheduling your child's dental appointments.  Go When They Are Well Rested  [Read More]

Pediatric Dental Myths Parents Should Have Corrected

Meeting the dental needs of a growing child can be a task that new parents will find that they are ill-prepared to do. This is partially the result of ample misinformation being spread about pediatric and family dental care. A new parent will find that having these pieces of misinformation corrected will be an effective way of enhancing their parenting skills. Myth: Your Child Should Wait Until Their Adult Teeth Develop To Undergo Cosmetic Treatments [Read More]

How To Temporarily Reattach Your Dental Crown

Dental crowns do a great job of protecting damaged teeth, but that doesn't mean that they're invulnerable. If your dental crown has popped off, it's imperative that you try and reattach it as quickly as possible to protect your tooth. After you call a dentist to be seen as quickly as possible, follow these steps to keep your tooth safe while you wait. Clean First off, you'll need to clean the crown thoroughly and gently clean the tooth, as well. [Read More]

How To Keep Shallow Gums Clean After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Getting your wisdom teeth taken out means you have to take special steps in order to care for your oral health following surgery. Stopping any bleeding, keeping your mouth clean, and preventing blood clots from breaking while your gums are still healing are some of these necessary steps. However, one common nuisance people experience with their wisdom teeth extraction sites after the gums have finished healing is shallow gums. Small pockets or dips in the gums can fill with debris and food and be a nuisance to clean. [Read More]