What Options Do I Have For Tooth Replacement?

Missing teeth can be both a cosmetic issue and a dental health liability. When you're looking for tooth replacement options, there are many procedures to consider for great results. Here are some of the common options that a cosmetic dentist may suggest.  Traditional Dental Implants Dental implants are often one of the most highly recommended tooth replacement options. An implant is a strong option because it creates a non-removable false tooth that sits at the level of your natural teeth. [Read More]

Getting Older And Want To Look Younger? Skip The Cosmetic Surgeon And Visit Your Dentist

If you have aged, you may be considering going to see a cosmetic surgeon for something like Botox, fillers or even a face lift. Instead of seeing a surgeon, however, you may be surprised that there are dentists that can help you look younger. Below are different types of teeth problems that can affect your appearance and how the dentist can help you. Grinding or Clenching Teeth Over time, your upper and lower teeth wear down due to chewing, grinding, and clenching teeth. [Read More]

What to Expect During Dental-Implant Recovery

While the actual surgery portion of the dental-implant procedures can take some time, the recovery phase is the biggest portion of a dental-implant surgery. Here are some things that you can expect during this recovery time.  Recovery Is in Stages You may not realize that the healing process will actually begin while you're still in the midst of your surgery. The surgery is set up in phases so that the dentist can check on the healing process and make sure the procedure is working before the next phase begins. [Read More]

3 Daily Measures You Can Take To Keep Your Teeth In Great Condition

Keeping your teeth in great condition is important to your overall health. Once your teeth decay, the discomfort can affect your diet, limiting the types of food that you can comfortably consume. This is especially significant if you already suffer from a systemic health condition, such as diabetes. Still, there are measures that you can take on a daily basis to help ensure that your teeth stay in optimal condition. Here are a few of them: [Read More]