2 Reasons to Get a Same-day Crown

A same-day crown is a great procedure that allows you to get a permanent crown applied to one of your teeth in a single appointment. This is possible because more and more dentists are choosing to buy the equipment to fabricate the crowns in their own offices, rather than ordering them from a dental lab. These crowns are a great choice if you are concerned about time and pain. Pain [Read More]

Does Your Toddler Need To See A Dentist?

Being a parent is tough. On top of the physical demands of the job, you're often left wondering what you're supposed to be doing. Is it time to start potty training? Does your child need preschool or should you wait for kindergarten? When does your kid need to see a dentist? Well, the answer to the last question, at least, is contained below. When should a child's first dental checkup be? [Read More]

How To Achieve Whiterteeth

Everyone wants a bright, white smile. In fact, when people are asked what they don't like about their smiles, most say that they wish their teeth were whiter. Fortunately, there are many ways to achieve whiter teeth. The best, most effective, and most long-lasting way is to see a dentist to discuss your tooth-whitening options. However, even if you do get professional whitening, there are a lot of things you can do at home to maintain your white smile and to keep it looking great: [Read More]

A Dental Implant Might Be A Good Option For Your Missing Front Tooth

One of the best solutions for a missing front tooth is a dental implant. The other option is to get a bridge, but when you do that, the dentist has to grind down the nearby teeth and replace them with crowns that support the new artificial tooth. When you get a dental implant, the nearby teeth are not damaged in any way. A dental implant is strong, since it fuses with your bone, and the artificial tooth looks natural. [Read More]