3 Lifestyle Habits That Can Ruin Your Child's Teeth

Parents are always excited when a baby's teeth begin to emerge. But with teeth comes new responsibilities with oral healthcare and hygiene. There are a lot of myths surrounding the proper care and techniques for babies and toddlers. Knowing the truth and the best ways to protect your child's emerging teeth will prevent future cavities and frequent visits to the pediatric dentist. Harmful Bottle Habits The bottle is a vital part of your child's early life. [Read More]

Save A Tooth: 3 Clear-Cut Reasons A Tooth Should Be Saved Instead Of Extracted

Whenever feasible, most dentists will prefer to do what they can to save your natural teeth and avoid unnecessary extractions. There are many ways to save a damaged tooth. A cracked tooth may be able to be spiffed up with a bit of dental bonding. A broken tooth may require a crown. A severely decayed tooth may be able to be saved with a root canal and crown placement. Is it worth the trouble of these dental procedures? [Read More]

Can You Get Braces If You Have Dental Implants?

Teeth can continue to shift as you age, so the teeth that were straight when you were a teen are now out of alignment. If you have implants, these will stay in place while the natural teeth around them shift. It's possible to get braces if you have implants. This guide will help you know what to expect. Causes of Shifting You maybe wondering why your previously straight teeth are now crooked. [Read More]

What to Know When Considering a Dental Bridge for Your Missing Tooth

If you have missing teeth, you've probably considered a dental bridge at least once. Dental bridges are a common way to replace missing teeth and return your beautiful smile. Before you schedule an appointment, however, check out these five important facts about dental bridges, so you can make an informed decision. Traditional Dental Bridges Affect the Surrounding Teeth Like a real bridge, dental bridges need supports to hold them in place. [Read More]