Four Restorative Dental Procedures To Fix Your Smile

If you have damaged teeth, your dentist may recommend a restorative dental procedure to improve the appearance and function of your teeth. This could be due to decay damage that has been ignored for many years, teeth that have chips in them from trauma, or discoloration from an illness. Here are four ways a dentist can fix your teeth. Bleaching One common restorative dental procedure is whitening. It's popular because the procedure is not invasive, is easy to have done, and provides great results. [Read More]

Is Your Loved One In The Marines? Get Them Regular Dental Visits While On Leave

The Marines is a very hardcore part of the military, one that often pushes its members to the limits of mental and physical endurance. Those who pass these levels become stronger and healthier people. Unfortunately, your loved one's dental health may degrade during this period. As a result, it is critical to get them regular dental treatments at a place like Port Orange Dentist when they are off duty. Being In The Marines Can Be Stressful For Dental Health [Read More]

Sensitive Yellow Or Brown Teeth? Here's Why You Need To Talk To A Dentist

Having discolored teeth is common enough, but when it coincides with your teeth feeling sensitive, that may indicate that there's a problem going on. Keep reading to discover why your teeth look less than white and are sensitive or painful. What Causes Discoloration Discoloration to teeth can be caused by a couple of different things. One of the most common causes of discoloration is simple staining of teeth. Pigments and acids found in certain kinds of food and drink can cause your color to appear stained. [Read More]

Methods To Restore Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

When it comes to fixing missing teeth, many people think of using dental bridges or dentures to get the job done. However, dental implants can be an effective way to do this same job. Here are some methods that can be used for restoring missing teeth with dental implants. One Tooth Method When you're only missing one tooth, you can still use a dental implant to fix that gap and restore your smile. [Read More]